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Interested in a commercial property investment somewhere in the UK? Offices, retail, leisure, industrial – all these types of property can give you a solid return, especially if you buy them BMV.

  • Large discounts on commercial property
  • We’ll take care of everything, no stress, no hassle
  • We’re property experts with years of industry experience
  • We only send you deals that we’re confident meet with your requirements

If you’re searching for a profitable long term investment then commercial property can be a great choice, especially if high yield is a priority.

Commercial properties are buildings designed solely for business use, be that an office, leisure facility or shop. While commercial properties typically cost more than residential properties to buy, they do in most cases provide a healthier

Initially, commercial property often requires more of a monetary investment, as the properties are typically more expensive than residential ones. There are however some great benefits to investing in commercial property, some of which include:

  • There are many funding options
  • Increased security, due to the lengthier lease
  • Usually VAT exempt
  • If the property is under £150,000 you don’t have to pay stamp duty

VIP Members Benefits
For our VIP members, they will receive.

  • Discounted sourcing fee
  • Priority to the best deals before being listed.
  • Regular updates on market information
  • Tailored service to clients needs

Procedure for a reservation:

  • You will receive our Terms/Conditions of sale
  • You will receive our invoice for the sourcing fee
  • Upon receipt of signed forms and payment, we will set up a WhatsApp call/or skype and reveal the complete investment property details.
  • The selling agent will be notified of your offer via email
  • The property will be labeled SSTC.
  • The typical sale procedure will go-ahead
  • You will at this point deal directly with the agent and no longer us

At any point, we will be available to deal with any matters or concerns which could perhaps come about up to the completion of the sale.


For complaints procedures or if you have any concerns that need attention please contact Ebenezer Fasogbon first to address this

At Global Housing Solution LTD we aim to bring property investors together both small and large portfolio investors.

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